John Belushi’s memory is still vivid to millions of people, many of whom weren’t even alive at the time that he died. He was one of those rare people so terribly and tremendously famous that his last name alone says it all. Through his humor and his music, he continues to enrich people’s lives with his outrageous sense of fun. In a way, he belongs to the public now, to his fans, and for them he can happily live forever. And I think he would like that.

Judy Belushi Pisano

rockandrollrequiem asked: Your favourite photo of John??

My favourite has always been this one when he is on the set of Animal House! Ugggh he is so handsome. I also always loved the Lemmings era headshots because he looked so damn good with a beard!
Like, wow wow w o w is all I can say to sum it up.

Thank you for the great question!! : )

the blues brothers (1980) // pulp fiction (1994)